ConnectCore - PaymentGrid

With organizations rapidly increasing their presence across the globe, businesses are heavily relying on their banks to support them in moving funds across geographies.

Cross-border payments are extremely complex and come with many challenges. There is no single global payment system to support these transactions. Additionally, most payment systems are dependent on local regulatory requirements. To manage the complexities of cross-border payments, banks need an agile and efficient payment processing solution. 

The ConnectCore - PaymentGrid is a high-performance payment processing framework that empowers banks to offer integrated and superior payment services. The tool addresses the complete range of customer payment types including domestic, international, retail, recurring, single or mass payments. ConnectCore - PaymentGrid has many value-added capabilities, enabling banks to offer a simple and cost effective fund transfer system. 


  • Accessible on a web-based browser interface
  • Flexible architecture that supports large volumes of both low-value Automated Clearing House (ACH) /Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments and high value cross border payments, with all payments treated as domestic or local once entered into the system
  • Complies with global regulatory requirements such as SEPA, SWIFT and TARGET2
  • Accepts customer payments in any mode, inputs instructions into the system and effects real-time debit of customer accounts
  • Offers advanced clearing house capabilities and in-built configurable calendar 


  • Offers a single, secure, scalable and robust payment processing hub
  • Savings on cross-border payment fees and transaction costs
  • Complies with the  latest regulatory requirements
  • Enables cross-border payments with zero investments on high front-end infrastructure or  resource allocation
  • Increases efficiency with reduced processing time
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by integrating with existing middleware and core banking systems
  • Ensures delivery of high quality services within defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Optimizes disparate legacy systems , allowing them to be replaced or retired in a phased manner
  • Enables scheduling of payment processes, achieving high Straight Through Processing (STP) levels